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Polyster Hooked Accent Rugs

A new addition to our rug collection, this soft polyester pile hand hooked rug with the attractive patterns sewn right in, is a great addition to your indoors or covered porch. The backing is made of non-slip dotted non-woven fabric. These accent rugs are offered in 20 x 30 inch size. 

The monogram rugs are hand hooked using Polypropylene yarn with a mesh fabric backing to prevent slipping. The attractive Coral and Kinston patterns are offered in 30 x 48 inch size and in most popular 20 letters of the alphabet. Pleasing styles and soft comfort will be the talk of your guests as they walk in to your home. Spills are cleaned easily with soapy water and blotting dry immediately. When using a vacuum on the hooked rugs, please do not use the rotator brush.


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