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Coco Fiber Mats

With our wide variety of welcome mats and doormats, there are dozens of styles to choose from. We sell mats for every seasonholiday, and home decor. Mats are available is different colors, sizes, and shapes. Please reach out to us for your specific requirement.

Sizes available

1. 18" x 30"

2. 24" x 39"

3. 30" x 48"

4. 36" x 72"

They also vary in thickness from 0.3 to 1.5 inches.

GEO Crafts door mats are hand woven on looms using the finest fibers to create strong and durable products that can withstand all weather elements and years of foot traffic. Our coir doormats are made form 100% natural coir (coconut fiber) in our own factory. They are a renewable and sustainable resource, and are hand printed with permanent fade-resistant* eco-friendly dyes. Mats can be easily cleaned by shaking dirt off and vacuum. They are also moth proof and anti-static.

If you’d like to know more about GEO Crafts Inc. products, please Contact Us. 

*Printed matter with "permanent fade resistant dye" will eventually fade over time with constant scrubbing and sun. Exposure to weather elements will accelerate the fading process. Best if placed in a sheltered area or covered porch

Everyday Mats
Holiday Mats 
Fall - Harvest Mats
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Home Decor Mats
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Tufted Coir Compressed Mats
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