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100% Natural

Our Coco fiber (coir) doormats are made from 100% natural coir in our factory

All Weather Purpose

Our Rubber and Polypropylene doormats are made to withstand all weather elements

Easy to maintain

Easy clean: Shake or Vacuum Coir mats and rinse clean  Rubber and Polypropylene mats.

Hand woven

Most coir mats are hand woven on looms using the finest fibers

Long Lasting

Our mats are durable and can withstand years of foot traffic

A Mat for everyone

With our wide range of designs, we have mats for all seasons and mood.

Coco(coir) Mats come in different grades and sizes

Premium Imperial Grade 

of 1.75" thickness with tufted fibers


Creel Grade 

of  1" thickness created on hand driven looms


Vinyl Backed 

of half inch thickness created on power looms

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About Us

A pioneer in the Coir Doormat industry, Geo Crafts, Inc, is a Pennsylvania corporation taking roots from a family owned business four generations strong. During those years, we have prided ourselves on producing high quality products setting benchmarks for trust and service through an impeccable aesthetic sense and never ending craving for perfection. Most importantly is our contribution to protecting Mother Earth with eco-friendly Green products. 

Whether they are made using Natural fibers, Rubber or Polypropylene, our mats and rugs are durable yet comforting with eye catching designs, classic styles, and playful humor to welcome visitors. Our collection, offered in various sizes has been decorating fine homes all over the world for several decades.

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Coco Fiber Mats

Made from 100% natural Coir & hand woven on looms using the finest fibers to create strong and durable products that can withstand all weather elements and years of foot traffic.

Marinier Mats (2).png

Handwoven polypropylene ropes are interwoven to create this masterpiece. This long lasting mat is reversible and scrubs off dirt and does not harbor insects, mold and mildew. 

Mariner Mats

Rubber Mats.png

Rubber Mats

These slip-resistant rubber doormats scrub clean snow and dirt, so entryways stay cleaner. They stay flat and are easy to clean.

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Rubber Backed Mats

 A stylish cross between fiber and rubber mats with floral designs, classic designs, and the traditional welcome mat. 

G- 547 (17.5_ x 29.5_).png

Made of 100% Polypropylene with rubber non-skid backing.

Aqua-Loc Mats

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Jute Rugs

A traditional rug found in many homes, these rugs are a creation of hand-skilled labor using all natural jute rope. These twisted ropes are hand-woven on special looms to create a flat weave or loop construction to give a soft warm feel to your tired feet.

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PP Hooked Rugs

This soft polyester pile hand hooked rug with the attractive patterns sewn right in is a great addition to your indoors or covered porch. The backing is made of non-slip dotted non-woven fabric.

G- 437 ( 3X5 & 2 X7)_edited.jpg

100% polyester pile flat woven printed rug is an attractive rug. These have a non-slip TPR backing and easy to clean with a vacuum or in your washer in cold water with mild detergent and tumble dry.

Washable Donier Rugs

G - 813 Meadows Pumpkin Spice.png

Comfort Kitchen Rugs

These hand-hooked polyester rugs have extra thick foam inserts, ensuring  maximum sole comfort. The non-skid backing on these rugs allows for safe use in bathrooms and kitchens

Indoor Outdoor Rugs_edited.png

Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Carefree and soft underfoot, our outdoor rugs are loomed using the finest polypropylene yarn, a strong fiber known for its rigid strength, durability and resistance to mold,
mildew, snow, rain and sun.

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